Broken Bone Treatment


Broken Bone Treatment in Arlington

Is it broken or just a sprain? When you find yourself asking this question, Urgent Care Center of Arlington can help. Our qualified team of physicians, nurses, and lab technicians can quickly get you the answers you need so you can get started on your recovery. We have convenient hours and walk-in appointments for your convenience.

If you suspect that you may have a broken bone, give us a call at us or stop in to be seen right away. You can also contact our urgent care facility online.

Signs You May Have a Broken Bone

A broken bone can only be accurately diagnosed with an X-ray. However, there are some signs that indicate an injury is more likely a break and not a sprain. These include:

  • Hearing a noise when the injury happens
  • Misshapen limb
  • Extreme, rapid swelling
  • Numbness or tingling in the affected area
  • Pain over a bone, not soft part of the area injured

Even with these signs, a broken bone and a sprain have many of the same symptoms, and often an individual cannot tell. Your best option is to have an X-ray to ensure you are not dealing with a break, and we can handle that at Urgent Care Center of Arlington. Stop in today to have your injury assessed by our qualified team of medical professionals.

Fast, Convenient X-Ray Services

One of the things that sets Urgent Care Center of Arlington apart from other walk-in medical clinics in the area is the fact that we have our own onsite X-ray and lab facilities. This means that if our doctor suspects you may have a broken bone, we can take a look right away. You don’t have to go to the hospital or wait for a lab appointment. We can also read the X-ray in our clinic, so you will know instantly what the results are.

Accurate and prompt diagnosis of a broken bone is the key to a speedy recovery, and that’s exactly what you will receive when you stop in at Urgent Care Center of Arlington.

Choose Urgent Care Center of Arlington for X-Ray & Broken Bone Treatment Quickly

Urgent Care Center of Arlington is here for you when you suffer any medical issue, including a potential broken bone. When you visit our facility, you benefit from our availability, as we offer the services of a walk-in clinic with no wait and fast service. We also accept all insurance providers and offer self-pay payment plans when needed. We are conveniently located in the Lee Harrison Shopping Center in North Arlington, so we are easy to reach.

Don’t suffer without accurate knowledge of how bad your injury is. Skip the appointment and the long wait at the ER. Visit Urgent Care Center of Arlington for your injury today. Call us or contact us online with any questions about our services.

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