Onsite X-rays in Arlington

If you were in an accident or are worried that a family member could have suffered a serious injury, visit Urgent Care Center of Arlington for x-rays and scans today. Our convenient Arlington walk-in clinic offers the same x-ray services you would expect from the hospital in an easier to access location.

From the weekend warrior who sprains their ankle rock climbing to the busy parent who’s been feeling under the weather, sometimes an x-ray is the best way to find out exactly what ails you.

For fast x-rays on-site, visit Urgent Care Center of Arlington. Contact us online, or give us a call to learn more about our x-ray services.

Fast, Convenient X-ray Services

Getting an x-ray is a crucial step in identifying the true extent of an injury. Not only will it allow you to receive the proper amount of care quicker, but you could also end up saving money and time by taking care of your injury sooner.

When you suffer an injury to a limb, your pain needs to be addressed quickly. Your body faces tremendous physical stress, and waiting for several days before your doctor can see you simply isn’t the best choice. As an urgent care facility with on-site x-ray service, Urgent Care Center of Arlington gives you the chance to be seen at a time that works for you. You need no appointment, and you will not have to wait for hours like you do in the emergency room. You can get answers quickly and accurately, so you can start the right treatment to deal with your pain.

Get your injury diagnosed quickly by visiting Urgent Care Center of Arlington today. Our x-rays are always available, and our doctors will quickly get you the answers you need about the extent of your injury. Contact us for more information!

When Do You Need an X-ray?

Surprisingly, x-rays are not just used to identify bone breaks and fractures. Although it can be used for these purposes, x-rays are also used to identify other medical issues as well. At Urgent Care Center of Arlington, we use our on-site x-rays to diagnose a number of potential conditions. We can use this service to check for:

  • Constipation
  • Bowel obstructions
  • Pneumonia
  • Dislocated joints
  • Items a patient has swallowed
  • Kidney stones
  • Congestion or fluid in the lungs

Don’t wait to find out what has been causing you pain or discomfort. Our x-rays are completed onsite, which means you’ll have an answer before you walk out the door. If we do find a serious health issue like a broken bone, we can provide you with copies of your x-rays to take to your follow up appointment with another doctor or specialist. You will walk away with answers and a plan for treatment, without delay or frustration.

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